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3 November - 10 November '24

Fuerteventura yoga fitness retreat
fuerteventura retreat pilates yoga
Fuerteventura yoga surf
Pilates Retreat Fuerteventura yoga lajares


Immerse yourself in our inspiring Pilates and Healthy Cooking Retreat on Fuerteventura!

Our absolutely stunning 8 bedroom villa, at the foot of the majestic Caledron Hondo volcano, will be your retreat for a whole week.

Experience daily Pilates sessions with Louise, masterful & healthy cooking classes with our gifted chef Vanessa, relaxing reading sessions by the pool and much more. Please note that both cooking and Pilates classes are held in English.

For those who are adventurous and looking for an extra thrill, there is also a surfing package available to book. The beautiful waves are only 15 minutes away from our beautiful village of Lajares.

Come and enjoy the company of like-minded people, no matter where you are on your sports and cooking journey. Alone or with a companion, you are warmly invited to share this unforgettable experience with us!

"Official" Retreat Languages: 🇬🇧 & 🇩🇪

Fuerteventura yoga fitness retreat
fuerteventura retreat pilates yoga
Fuerteventura yoga surf
Pilates Retreat Fuerteventura yoga lajares
Pilates Retreat fuerte surf
pilates retreat fuerteventura kanaren
Pilates Retreat Fuerteventura
Pilates Retreat Fuerteventura
Pilates Retreat Fuerteventura
fuerteventura retreat pilates yoga 2 Pilates Retreat Fuerteventura

Accommodation with volcano view

We rent a super super super stylish luxury villa on the outskirts of Lajares.

You will stay in a luxurious double or triple room.

 Each suite has an en-suite bathroom and magnificent views of the volcanic landscape.

On the large terrace you will find a huge, heated pool, comfortable deck chairs and a cozy lounge to chill out.

There is also a long wooden table around which we will sit while we enjoy delicious meals and interesting workshops together. 

And of course we can't forget the incredible living room, which can also be transformed into our Pilates studio.

The 8m high windows allow you to enjoy the breathtaking view of the volcano during your sports lessons.

You have probably never trained so luxuriously before!

Pilates Retreat Fuerteventura yoga
fuerteventura pilates retreat
kochkurs lajares

Healthy Cooking Classes

It doesn't matter whether you are already a gifted cook or are just starting out on your cooking career! 

In this Pilates & Cooking Retreat you will learn how to efficiently incorporate healthy cooking into your everyday life. 

Our experienced chef Vanessa, who has explored most corners of the world and discovered the culinary secrets of many countries, will take you on a journey through different cooking styles.

In five cooking classes, Vanessa will share her passion for food with you and, among other things, teach you the basics of Ayurvedic cuisine.

From healthy breakfast and lunch menus to dinner and snacks, you'll explore the diversity of the cuisine. You'll also learn how to incorporate natural ingredients into your dishes in Vanessa's classes on spice science and more.

Experience the simplicity of sophisticated cooking, where enjoyment and well-being are in harmony. You will fly home with new ideas and inspiration and will be able to easily and sustainably implement the newly acquired knowledge in your own kitchen.

Vanessa is an omnivore and will prepare her inputs accordingly.

Pilates Retreat Fuerteventura yoga
fuerteventura pilates retreat
kochkurs lajares
Pilates Retreat Fuerteventura outdoor
Pilates Retreat Fuerteventura outdoor
Pilates Retreat Fuerteventura trainer
Pilates Retreat Fuerteventura class


One thing in advance: Everything is possible, nothing is mandatory.

If you e.g. For example, if you only want to do sports once a week, then that's completely okay. We don't attract people who come on vacation to shred and want to fly home with a six-pack.

With us you will find relaxed people who like to live a healthy and balanced life or who want to give their life a kick-start towards a sustainably healthier direction with this retreat.

  • The Pilates classes with Louise are extremely varied. You will be able to try everything from classic Mat Pilates to HIIT Pilates classes using your body weight and some Pilates props. 
  • Louise is an experienced Pilates instructor and originally comes from England. After 8 years in the profession, she is still passionate about the sport. You will immediately be infected with her joy and enthusiasm. She holds her classes in (charming British) English.
  • Pilates not only strengthens your body and mind, but also helps you harmonize your emotions. By breathing correctly, you get to know your body much better.
  • With the targeted strengthening exercises you strengthen your powerhouse, which you can use in everyday life to master a variety of challenges.
Pilates Retreat Fuerteventura

Pilates Retreat Fuerteventura
Pilates Retreat Fuerteventura

Example weekly plan

day 1

Arrive and immerse yourself

Our shuttle will pick you up from the airport in Puerto Del Rosario and take you directly to our luxurious villa in Lajares. You can leave your luggage there and then enjoy your first Canarian lunch in the village. Check-in begins at 3:00 p.m.

When you check in, the Templeshape team will be waiting for you with a welcome drink and snack so that you are strengthened for the first Pilates session with Louise.

day 2

The kick-off of your adventure

If you want, your Fuerteventura adventure can start with a surfing session on Monday. You will be picked up and taken to one of the nearby beaches, where our coaches will take good care of you and introduce you to the art of surfing.
This is not a must, but we recommend it - Fuerteventura is a surfer's mecca for a reason. Trying is better than studying!
If you prefer to stay at home, there are comfortable lounge chairs waiting for you to read your book. Chilling doesn't hurt either :-)

After lunch there is an exciting input on the topic of sport and nutrition before we start the second Pilates class with Louise.

We prepare dinner together - in our first cooking session with Vanessa. If that isn't already a perfect day?!

Day 3

Wine tasting with Ivan

We start Tuesday with another activating Pilates class before enjoying a delicious breakfast together. 

Today there is also a cooking class on the agenda: namely on the topic of "Healthy & Quick Lunch". Vanessa shows us how to prepare super nutritious and delicious lunches without much effort.

We end the day with an exciting wine tasting. Ivan, the owner of one of the best restaurants on the island, accompanies us on a journey through delicious Canarian wines.
Cheers to another awesome day!

Day 4

The glass is half full - we are ONLY halfway through the retreat!

Wednesday is very similar to Monday. 
The adventurous guests start the day with the second surf session. Today you can finally deepen what you learned on Monday.

In the afternoon we will be creative and make a small souvenir that you can take home and that will always remind you of your wonderful time on Fuerte.

Before we have dinner together, there is a volcano excursion at sunset on the agenda (today you get a Pilates break). Wear sturdy shoes for the hike, as it will be rocky and steep. But don't worry: the view of the sea and the view into the large volcanic crater are well worth the effort. 

Day 5

Snacks & Live Music

In addition to the usual points, today's cooking input is "snacks". Vanessa will prepare various delicious snacks with us, which you can easily recreate at home and store in the fridge.
The day is much nicer when you have delicious snacks on hand!
In the evening, those who still have excess energy can head to the Agua Tikki Bar. There is live music and fine cocktails there every Thursday.


Day 6


The surf team will enjoy their last surf session today and work on their pop-up and turtle-turn skills again. You don't know what that is? No problemo: by this day you will be more than familiar with these terms.
Also on the program today are the second to last Pilates and cooking classes.
Learn from Vanessa how to use spices and herbs skillfully in your daily life, what effects they have and how you can spice up your meals with them.

Day 7

Sand dunes and fine dining

Well rested (today we start a little later because it's the weekend ;-)) we enjoy the last cooking class with Vanessa with the focus on "brunch".
Afterwards we'll head to the sand dunes in Corralejo. Get ready for endless sand and space - a place where you can easily get lost.
In the evening we dress up a bit to visit Ivan's restaurant. Remember? Ivan was the man who led us through the wine tasting.
Get ready to treat yourself! The food is truly spectacular, the service outstanding and your company is great.
Nothing stands in the way of a successful last evening.

Day 8

Goodbye friends!

It's time to say goodbye - but not to be sad!

The friendships you made this week will stay with you for a long time. Believe us, we speak from experience.

The final brunch gives you the final energy boost before our shuttle takes you to the airport in Puerto Del Rosario.

Hello home.
Hello new, healthy habits!
PS: Check-out is at 11 a.m.


getting there

The retreat takes place in Lajares on Fuerteventura.

For that it is best to fly to Puerto del Rosario, where our shuttle will pick you up.

Direct flights are available from:

- Zurich
- Basel (usually much cheaper)

The villa is about 30 minutes drive from the airport.

Rooms & booking

Triple room (3pax)

Solo travelers, friends – don’t wait too long, only 6 places available

  • 7 nights accommodation (3 single beds or 1 double & 1 single)
  • Ensuite bathroom
  • Full board (7x breakfast, 6x lunch, 6x dinner)
  •  Airport transfers to and from Puerto Del Rosario
  • All day long: water, coffee, tea
  • 60min full body massage
  • 5x healthy cooking course
  • 6x Pilates
  • Volcano hike
  • Workshops
  • Local wine tasting
  • Templeshape Giveaway Gift Bag

2299 CHF



Solo travellers, friends or couples - 2x single beds possible

  • 7 nights accommodation (double bed or 2 single beds)
  • Ensuite bathroom
  • Full board (7x breakfast, 6x lunch, 6x dinner)
  • Airport transfers to and from Puerto Del Rosario 
  •  All day long: water, coffee, tea
  • 60min full body massage
  • 5x healthy cooking course
  • 6x Pilates
  • Volcano hike
  • Workshops
  • Local wine tasting
  • Templeshape Giveaway Gift Bag

2499 CHF


How big is the retreat group?

In Wildhaus the maximum group size is 12 people plus the Templeshape team. On average there are usually around 10 guests. 

Are there any specific requirements (Pilates, cooking,...)?

We design our Pilates sessions so that both beginners and advanced students get their money's worth. You don't need to have any previous knowledge. Everyone goes at their own pace and will make sure that exercises are performed correctly to prevent injuries. 

And you don't need any previous cooking knowledge either. Our goal is for everyone to be able to learn how to cook efficiently and healthily in everyday life and have fun doing it!

Please note that both Pilates and cooking classes are held in English as it is the teachers' native language.

Is there a compulsory program?

There is no compulsory program.

If you don't feel like doing sports or yoga or going on an excursion, then you can simply not join in. No one will be mad at you - it's your vacation and you should relax in the way that suits you best!

Which age groups are represented?

We are mostly a mixed group, with the majority of the group being in their 30s.

 However, we have had everyone from 20 to 70 and we love this group. We really want to encourage everyone to come along, because age is absolutely irrelevant to us.

Flights aren't included, right?

That's correct. Everyone books their own flights :)

What are the cancellation policies?

Cancellation up to 8 weeks before the retreat: You will be refunded 80% of your total payment (minus the deposit).

Cancellation 4-8 weeks before the retreat:
You will be refunded 501% of your total payment (minus the deposit).

Cancellation within 2-4 weeks before the retreat: You will be refunded 251% of your total payment (minus the deposit).

Cancellation less than 2 weeks before the retreat: You will not receive a refund.

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Based on 124 reviews
I spent a wonderful week at the retreat in Portugal. I was given such a warm welcome by Dani, Mira and Gerrit and felt like I had arrived straight away. They organized the week brilliantly. The yoga and boot camp was very well thought out and challenging and motivated me personally. I am very grateful that I was able to be there.
The retreat weekend in Wildhaus was great! Great food, wonderful company and a good time together :) Mira, Dani and Gerrit do everything to make you feel comfortable every second. I can only recommend it from the bottom of my heart. I can only recommend it to 100% from the bottom of my heart :)
I was part of the retreat in Portugal. For me personally, everything was perfect: an optimal, coordinated mix of activities (sports: boot camp/yoga/surfing, plus massages and creative workshops - and plenty of free time in between), healthy, delicious food, a great location and great people! Thanks to Dani and Mira's open and warm manner, I felt very comfortable and motivated from the very first second 💜💪🏼
Best active and relaxing retreat!Just spent a week in Crete with Templeshape team and I had the greatest time. Organization was on point, bootcamp and yoga sessions were perfectly lead by Dani and Mira and the overall atmosphere in the group was kind and smooth. 100% recommend
We really enjoyed the weekend at the retreat in Wildhaus and are super happy. Dani, Mira and Gerit spoiled us all around. Not only did we lack for nothing, we were also provided with fresh and incredibly delicious food. The yoga and boot camp sessions were intensive, but that's exactly what made them so effective - you just feel great afterwards:) We really appreciated the warm and authentic manner of Dani, Mira and Gerit. You can feel that they do their work with great passion and put their hearts into it. We felt very comfortable and would love to come back. Thank you for a really great weekend and the great conversations! <3 Alice und Bettina
We were in the boot camp, yoga and surf retreat in Morocco and had a really cool week. Exciting people, great fitness couch, very nice surf teachers, delicious and healthy food, welcoming hosts, great organization, relaxed atmosphere - a really great experience!
I signed up for the retreat at Wildhaus and it was my first retreat ever. I don't think I could have asked for a better one. Dani, Mira and Gerrit will go out of their way in every aspect to make sure you're looked after. Despite not knowing anyone when I walked in, it felt like home from the first meal. The workouts were well planned and enjoyable, the food was healthy and delicious, the hikes were refreshing and all activities well thought out. There are several activities where you get to know people you're staying with as well as becoming aware about yourself and fitness in general. Made a few good friends from this trip as well. Will definitely recommend this!!
I just attended a weekend retreat in Wildhaus and it was a beautiful experience. Dani, Mira, and Gerrit are amazing hosts who make you feel right at home from the moment you arrive. We had so much fun throughout the retreat. The work out classes were very intense—Dani showed no mercy, but it was worth every drop of sweat. After the yoga sessions with Mira, I felt like a new person. The food was exceptionally delicious, prepared with so much love and attention to detail.Also the house itself is stunning; It's spacious yet cozy, set in a beautiful mountain location. Overall, it was a wonderful experience, filled with special moments shared with new friends. I am very grateful for this unforgettable retreat.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for your kind words Laura. It was a treat to have you with us!
The retreat on Crete was a fantastic experience! The combination of intensive boot camp and relaxing yoga sessions was perfect. In addition, the retreat offered enough time for yourself to recover and spend time with great people. Dani, Mira and Gerrit are great and create an inspiring atmosphere in which everyone feels comfortable. Another highlight was the local, super delicious and fresh food. I can recommend the retreat to everyone!
The fitness & yoga retreat on Crete was great. It was the perfect mix of sport & relaxation in great accommodation, with exciting people and heavenly food. Dani, Mira & Gerrit are warm hosts & coaches with a lot of experience in organizing such retreats, so you felt comfortable and in good hands right from the start💜

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