Health Affects These 4 Areas of Life

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Health - Not an easy topic

If you don’t feel well, you often ask the famous internet doctor Google without further ado. 

The person then makes a self-diagnosis and follows one of the thousand tips that can be found online. 

As soon as the symptoms disappear, the person is healthy again and can return to normal everyday life. 

However, few people know what health actually means. They also do not know what makes you feel good all around. 

Being healthy is not an easy state to be in. Health is not only the absence of illness, but also general well-being of the soul.  

Accordingly, when asked whether one is healthy, the answer should not only be “yes” or “no”, and one should only scan one’s own physical well-being. Rather, one must also question the other three cornerstones of the foundation of health. 

Besides “How is my body?”, I should also check how my movement, my soul and my spirit are doing. 

This can certainly no longer be answered so easily with a simple “yes” or “no”.

Pillar #1 – Nutrition

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The first building block of health relates to nutrition.

Even in a prosperous and modern country like ours, there is great confusion about this.

What should you eat and what should you not? 
A lot or little protein? 
No carbs at all or just do without in the evening? 
Is that good fat now or does it make me fat right away?

In addition to all the information overload of the Internet, the right education is often missing, because schools also make little reference to healthy eating.

Most of the knowledge comes from the parental home and therefore the health of many people is completely dependent on their caregivers.

Many products are considered healthy and important. We simply consume them, although our body does not even ask for them.

Laziness and convenience, on the other hand, make us consume ready meals, fast food and sugary drinks.

Again, we do not listen to the signs our body gives us.

This is because we sometimes lack the connection between body and mind.

Because subconsciously we have desires or cravings that show us what nutrients our body needs.

Healthy people automatically have healthy cravings and are more aware of the deficiencies in their diet.

Have you ever felt like eating a celery stick instead of chocolate? Or do you regularly manage to put away the chocolate bar after you have broken off a small piece?

In this case, your body and mind communicate brilliantly.

Mindfulness and reflection can help create a healthier building block of health.

So question your desires – where do they come from? What does your body want to tell you?

Pillar #2 – Movement​

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Movement is an inevitable part of our health.

Finding the balance between exercise and rest is essential for an active and healthy lifestyle. It helps you make the most of your energy.

If you know how to use your motor efficiently and see how efficient this can be, you can also more easily eliminate laziness and laziness.

Unfortunately, our society does not necessarily make it easy for us.

We spend far too much time sitting in the office or home office, ordering food, clothes and household appliances online so that we don’t have to leave the house.

On top of that, we often use the car to get from A to B.

Should we ever set off on foot, escalators and elevators help us to make as little effort as possible.

Just as with food, education plays a major role here.

We tend to live our lives the way we were taught at home.

If you have parents who show you how much fun you can have with exercise, you will also have offspring who tend to do the same.

Movement is important and should be connected with play and fun from childhood on.

Motivation and energy comes naturally when you are used to it and always goes hand in hand with health.

But even if you have not had an education that has shown you how wonderful an active life can be, it is never too late to change your habits!

Find a sport that you enjoy or friends with whom you can go out into nature together.

Together it’s always better and if you avoid lifts, escalators and short car journeys, you too can walk 10,000 steps a day.

This should be our goal.

Pillar #3 – Self-reflection

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As already mentioned, the well-being of the soul also belongs to a healthy body.

To become aware of one’s feelings and to deal with one’s own person also leads to a stable state of health.

It is essential to reflect and think about who you are, how you want to be, why you are here.

You should also ask yourself where to go in order to get the best out of yourself.

If you don’t deal with yourself at all and communicate too much to the outside world (using the 50 different communication channels available today) without really thinking about what’s going on inside, you have a greater risk of suffering from low self-esteem, stress, loneliness, or envy.

It is so easy nowadays to get lost on social media platforms and compare yourself with other people without being aware of what you have and what you can be happy about.

To compare yourself and not to lead an honest self-reflection is the recipe for being unhappy.

You certainly have a lot that others would dream about.

There are certainly also things you still have to work on.

This is true even for the most successful and beautiful Instagram stars!

Therefore, we advise you to spend more time with yourself. 
Write down what you like about yourself and what you are grateful for.

But also think about what else you could work on to be the best version of yourself.

So focus on your own life before you get involved with other people’s lives online.

Or simply meet these people and invest time in deep and real relationships.

This honest exchange with people you trust is also essential for the well-being of your soul.

In addition, there are of course also bigger questions like “Why am I here?” or “Where do we come from and what happens after this life?

Sooner or later you should deal with these questions, because their answers determine how you live your life and what you want to focus on.

I personally believe that we were all lovingly and uniquely created to live relationships, to love and serve each other and that after the few years on this planet it will continue.

These beliefs give me orientation in life and principles, which I can always reflect on and review my lifestyle.

I therefore advise you to deal with these questions as well, so that you develop guidelines according to which you can live consciously and orient yourself by them.

Neither your parents, your wife or husband, your best friend or your sister can do this for you.

All you need is patience, no distraction, the will to brood and of course:

Enough time with yourself!

Pillar #4 – Growth

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Growth is the last component of health.

This means to constantly develop and learn new things.

This includes finding new hobbies, discovering new wishes or developing visions.

In the course of a lifetime you change on many different levels.

In the course of your life you will change preferences, reinterpret priorities and also constantly change your personality.

Thus you will constantly get to know yourself anew.

Growth is healthy, spurs us on to improve ourselves and helps to make life more interesting.

If you never change and don’t dare to do anything new, you often find yourself in a boring daily routine and only realise too late how time flies by.

Perhaps you have already noticed: growth and the self-reflection described above are close to each other and can possibly overlap.

Therefore it is even more important to ask yourself questions and to become aware of what you want, what you want to change or improve and where you see yourself in a few years.

Being healthy is therefore not quite as easy as one might imagine.

What we should always remember, however, is that we should take care of all 4 cornerstones as evenly as possible in order to be able to enjoy the most comprehensive health possible.

Unfortunately, many people are not aware of their uniqueness and value and neglect self-care.

But believe me: You are absolutely worth investing in yourself!

A balanced interaction between “Me- Time” aka reflection time, sports, tasty and healthy food, meditation and Quality-Time with real friends leads to you feeling completely healthy!

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Drinking Water – A Guide

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Drinking Water In A Better Way

We humans tend to drink rather too little. 

As children we are still admonished by our parents to consume enough water. 

But as soon as no one says so, it’s easy to forget. 

Now the question arises: How much water is actually enough? 

In order to answer this question, we have to delve deeper into our body structure.


How Much Water We Drink

First of all, it must be noted that the sources of information on water consumption are strongly represented on the Internet and usually indicate the most varied quantities. 

Often one reads at least three liters per day to have to drink, while another blog post is already satisfied with half. 

In summary, one can say that there is not only one correct answer. 

Our bodies differ so drastically in structure, density and needs that it is impossible to create a single rule that applies to everyone. 

Depending on age, our body consists of between 50% and 85% water and depending on height, fat percentage and muscle percentage, we have to give the body different amounts of water. 

But if you follow the following rules, you have nothing to fear:

  • Always drink when you are thirsty. Try not to ignore your thirst and listen to your body when it tries to give you a sign. A dry mouth, or a heat wave through the body can be a sign that it is high time to drink a glass of water. 
  • Even slight hunger often cannot be distinguished from thirst by the body. If you feel light hunger but have actually eaten recently, this can be a sign of thirst. Try to drink a glass of water, and when the hunger subsides, you have interpreted the sign correctly.
  • The more you move, the more you should drink. After, or during a sports session, your body is so busy sweating that the thirsty feeling is absent. If you recognize this in time, you will notice from the first drop how much the body actually craves for a water supply. 
  • In winter the body is not busy sweating, but it is busy maintaining the immune system. Mucous membranes dry out particularly quickly in the winter air and are more susceptible to droplet infections. An extra glass of water helps to maintain the mucous membranes and thus the immune system.
  • Your urine should always be colourless. Dark yellow urine is a sign that you are not drinking enough liquids. Light yellow, or completely transparent is the healthier and desirable colour.  
  • A glass immediately after getting up gets the whole metabolism going and is a good start to the morning. Since it is particularly easy to forget to take a glass of water with your coffee, you are one step ahead of yourself.
besser wasser trinken

Water vs. orange juice and energy drinks

Until now, we have only spoken of water in terms of fluid intake.

This is not at all a matter of course. 

Children and adolescents consume just over half of the liquids they drink in the form of tea, coffee and sugary drinks such as cola or iced tea. 

For adults, the split is 50:50. 

The consumption of high-sugar drinks like orange juice is so high that they cover one third of our total sugar consumption. 

Who would completely renounce such drinks could save 42300 calories per year, which can be expressed in 6kg body fat. 


zuckerhaltige getränke sugar drinks

The Problem With Sugary Drinks

Although lemonades, juices and co. taste good and are also advertised in various advertisements, we should think twice before buying this sweet happiness. 

These drinks are not only bad for our teeth, but also don’t let us sleep at night, make us overweight and don’t feed us at all. 

A resolution for the rest of our lives could therefore be “drink better”. 

Here are a few tips on how to make this resolution a reality:

Water is cheap, almost free. You can think about that. If you decide not to drink sweetened drinks anymore, you can calculate how much you normally spend on such drinks and then put the money aside for the next month. 

Water has no calories. This is also a positive effect and can contribute to the dream body when planning. As already mentioned, you can save an incredible amount of calories by simply consuming water and even lose weight. If you don’t like pure water, you can add a slice of lemon or mint from the garden to the water bottle to give the water a little taste.

Water is everywhere – you not only save money, but also time, because water is available in every building and on the road. As a reward for water consumption, you can buy a beautiful and reusable water bottle, which is currently trendy anyway. 

Check out the bottles of the brand 24 Bottles – you are sure to find one you like.

If you are not yet convinced about water, you should definitely read more facts about water and beverage consumption. 

The internet is full of facts about water consumption in connection with health. 

Our motto for this year is: “Drink water better – Live better.”