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Outdoor & Indoor

Wiedikon, Rentenwiese & Industrial Quarter


Stop the body cult!

It is our mission to enable as many people as possible in Zurich to have a healthy and balanced fitness and yoga routine - and this includes the correct assessment of what is healthy and what is excessive.

At Templeshape, you won't remain a stranger for long - you'll train for 60 minutes in manageable small groups of usually 6 - 12 people. 

The boot camp trainings take place outside at the Rentenwiese and at the Sihlhölzli and inside in the studio in District 3.

The workouts are tailored to your fitness level because we make sure that everyone does the exercises at their own pace clean executes. This way we prevent injuries and there is no room for big egos anyway. 

Seebad enge workouts

Boot Camp Style 

You will do a lot of exercises with your own body weight and occasionally a kettlebell or resistance band.

Our goal most hours is to work all of your muscle groups.

Each training also includes an extensive warm-up, a fun workout and a cooldown & stretch.

After training, you can shower with us and answer a few emails on the couch with a free foot massage, a delicious coffee (or a blue ginger tea) and cowork with us.

So – all you need to bring with you is motivation, a water bottle and, if necessary, a yoga mat outdoors.

No matter how old you are and what your current fitness level is, we look forward to sweating with you!



Take it easy

4 hours


4 hours freely choose between boot camp, yoga or Pilates.

19.75 CHF per hour.


Commitment Club

8 hours


8 hours of free choice between boot camp, yoga or Pilates.
16.12 CHF per hour.




10 hours of free choice between boot camp, yoga or Pilates.

From 8 CHF per hour.

Individual lesson

1 hour


One hour of boot camp, yoga or Pilates. 

28 CHF per hour. 

Trial lesson

1 hour


One hour of boot camp, yoga or Pilates.

15 CHF per hour. 

10 card

10 hours


10 hours of free choice between boot camp, yoga or Pilates.

25.80 CHF per hour. 

Templeshape Bootcamp Locations

Our bootcamp sessions take place at the following locations:

  • In our studio at Manessestrasse 120 (indoor), 
  • at the Sihlhölzli (outdoor)
  • at the Rentenwiese (outdoor in summer) 
  • in the 25H Hotel West in the industrial quarter (more info)

Our fantastic team

At Templeshape, we select our trainers based on their competence, openness and warmth.

What's waiting for you:

A versatile, strict and interactive full-body workout of strength and endurance. I make sure that you reach your limits and have fun doing it.


Boot camp

What's waiting for you:
A great workout for the whole body with lots of motivational pushes from me. I prefer to combine cardio with exercises for the abs. Burn baby burn!


Boot camp

What's waiting for you:
A creative combination of strength and endurance exercises, as well as tough boot camp drills. Maybe you'll still think of me the next day ;-)


Boot camp

What's waiting for you:
A warm hug and a creative mix of strength, HIIT and endurance training that target and strengthen all your muscle groups. Fun guaranteed!


Boot camp

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