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Yoga for everyone

One thing in advance: You don’t need to be “flexible” to come to yoga with us!

In our lessons you can expect a variation of different Vinyasa flows for all levels. We have neither show-offs nor lazy yoginis. Everyone works on themselves and their goals or just comes to let go, get a taste of things, switch off or meet new people.

In all lessons we combine breathing with movements and thus work on stabilization, mobility and attention, as well as on strength and resilience.

You will learn different methods for getting into the HERE and NOW, which you may also be able to use in everyday life.

We'll take care of your yoga mat and other additional materials - just bring yourself and be open to a new experience.

The Templeshape Community represents a family environment and we look forward to welcoming you. After the lesson there is still time for a chat and a drink.

Yoga for children

Yoga has tons of benefits for children too. It's fun, strengthens physical health and coordination, reduces stress and also contributes to your child's good emotional development.

In our 90-minute sessions, our yoga teachers Giulia and Justine playfully take the little ones on an adventure trip. There the children come into contact with various yoga and breathing exercises. The session ends with a short relaxation phase to deepen the positive effects.  
In any case, fun and development are the focus of every session.

We offer two sessions per week for different age groups:

- For 3-6 year olds: Wednesdays, 2:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. (coming soon)
- For 6-10 year olds: Wednesdays, 4:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. (from January 17th)

A 90-minute session costs 35 CHF. On our app you can buy a one-time trial loan for 20 CHF. If she/he likes it with us, you can get our 5-session pass for further registrations and register your child for further sessions via the app. If several siblings would like to come to us for yoga, we would be happy to offer you a 15% discount for the second child.

Our sessions take place with groups of 4 or more children.

Do you have any questions or would you like to register your child for the next yoga session? Then contact us via the contact form so that we can can talk to each other in person before your child visits us for the first time. This allows us to ensure your child has a wonderful first experience at Templeshape Studio. 



Take it easy

4 hours


4 hours freely choose between boot camp, yoga or Pilates.

19.75 CHF per hour.


Commitment Club

8 hours


8 hours of free choice between boot camp, yoga or Pilates.
16.12 CHF per hour.




10 hours of free choice between boot camp, yoga or Pilates.

From 8 CHF per hour.

Individual lesson

1 hour


One hour of boot camp, yoga or Pilates. 

28 CHF per hour. 

Trial lesson

1 hour


One hour of boot camp, yoga or Pilates.

15 CHF per hour. 

10 card

10 hours


10 hours of free choice between boot camp, yoga or Pilates.

25.80 CHF per hour. 

Templeshape locations

Our yoga sessions take place at the following locations:

  • In our studio at Manessestrasse 120 (indoor), 
  • at the Rentenwiese (outdoor in summer) 

Our fantastic team

At Templeshape, we select our trainers based on their competence, openness and warmth.

What's waiting for you:
A varied and flowy Vinyasa yoga class in which you use your breath in a targeted manner and perceive your body in space through the interplay of tension and relaxation. 



What's waiting for you:
Connecting body, mind and breath through yoga exercises and breathing techniques inspired by Katonah Yoga. This allows your energy to flow freely, you achieve well-being and develop your potential.



What's waiting for you:
Movement for breathing, coming back to yourself, strength, calm and balance.



What's waiting for you:
During the class, you'll learn how to move through different asana positions using your breath as a guide. 



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