Our story

Why Templeshape exists.

Our beginning

When Mira and Dani met at university in 2016, they quickly realized that they shared their main passions: food, sports, people and hosting.

They wanted to use their skills to bless and strengthen others, so they came up with something that didn't yet exist in Zurich: Mira, an excellent cook, and Dani, a passionate fitness trainer, hosted their first Bootcamp & Brunch event in April 2018.

Every event that followed was fully booked and showed the two ladies that food, sport and good company is a combination that people are looking for. 

Mira and Dani have been asked countless times by their Templeshape regulars to create a retreat. The two started looking and found the perfect place in Tenerife.

But then... the Covid hit the world. Tenerife was canceled, but that didn't stop Templeshape from dreaming - they hosted a super successful bootcamp & yoga retreat in the Swiss mountains in August 2020.

The beginning of a new exciting era.

Our passion

The second retreat in the Swiss mountains was fully booked after a short time and the global Covid situation began to calm down.

The dream of organizing retreats in places other than Switzerland was revived.

The two power women have decided to move their retreats abroad in order to explore the most beautiful places in the world together with their temple shapers - starting with Tenerife.

Dani and Mira's vision is to host revitalizing retreats in various locations throughout the year so that people can experience all sorts of beautiful and exotic places on this planet.

They want to offer their temple shapers energetic weeks in which they can pamper their body, mind and soul by switching off from everyday life, recharging their batteries, meeting great people and enjoying an active and healthy lifestyle.