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Kochbuch: Nourish From Within


Step into the world of ‹Nourish from Within›: A heartfelt collaboration by Mira and Dani, the minds behind Templeshape.

Inside, you’ll uncover 37 wholesome vegetarian recipes inspired by our retreat menus. From chilly delights to heartwarming dishes, plus treats and snacks, each recipe is designed with utter simplicity.

Beautiful food photos accompany each recipe, so even the ones new to the kitchen will be able to copy and recreate our meals.

With a humble bookmark cord and an approachable index at the end of the book, this hardcover gem ensures your culinary journey is smooth. Whether you’re recollecting old Templeshape retreat memories or stumbled upon our book serendipitously, ‹Nourish from Within› promises a humble yet delightful experience for every palate.