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in 6 weeks

integrate a Healthy Lifestyle into your Everyday life?

it's Harder than you think!

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What science says

about habits

A habit is something you do nearly or completely involuntary. 

It’s something that is attained by frequent repitition. 

After 21 days something starts to become your habit.

After 40 days something becomes an inherent part of your life.

Die 4 pillars of health

The 36 Templeshape surprise boxes cover the four most important areas of a healthy lifestyle.

The products in the boxes are selected carefully and are of highest quality.



  • Various 40-day challenges
  • How to cultivate friendships
  • How to give selflessly
  • How to spread joy easily
Templeshape fitness surprise box final


  • 13 hrs of fitness workouts for at home (beginner & advanced)
  • Products for your gym at home
  • Products to support muscle growth für dein Home-Gym
  • Stretching exercises
Templeshape food surprise box


  • Recipes
  • Weekly shopping lists 
  • Healthy rituals
  • Information worth knowing on hot topics like sugar or caffeine
  • Nutritional supplements
Templeshape Dani Selflove


  • Become a fan of yourself
  • Set personal goals
  • Various 40-day challenges
  • Ideas if how to spend more time with yourself
  • Time, money, and energy management test
  • How to maintain a sustainable lifestyle


in 3 simple steps

Order Surprise Boxes

We deliver surprise boxes for your 6-week program. The boxes contain letters, products, and other things for your day-to-day life.

Open And Execute

Continually educate yourself bit by bit. 

You will receive small daily tasks and workouts that take up 10 - 40 minutes of your day.

Adopt Healthy Lifestyle

After 40 days, you will adopt a healthier lifestyle. 

More importantly, you will be able to maintain this lifestyle effortlessly!

Virtual Surprise Box

For those who are curious, but don't want to take any real action yet
$ 1
in total
  • Access to 1 workout video (45 mins)
  • 3 healthy recipes
  • A glance into the welcome box
  • Exklusive information on habits

6 Week Program

For all go-getters who want to start living a healthy lifestyle now
$ 9
69 per box
  • 36 surprise boxes
  • Access to 3+ workouts per week
  • Invitation into our community
  • Daily letter to you
  • High quality products, recipes, and challenges
  • Total price of $349
  • Ingredients with a value of over $850!

You are curious and want to know what’s inside the surprise boxes?

Then have a look into the welcome box!



Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t want to mention any details.


We want you to use your curiosity as a prime motivator to make the first step towards a healthier lifestyle!

You will receive a lot of content and products, to say the least.

Over the period of several month, we have put together a 6-week program that helps you to make the transition to a sustainable and healthier lifestyle. As easy as possible – despite hectic everyday life!

The true value of this 6-week program lies in the easy adoption of a healthier lifestyle, which you will be able to maintain without any effort. 

Yes, you will be able to use every single content of the surprise boxes.

We are no friends of useless things.

You are wondering if the contents in the boxes are worth the money?

They are, even more than the money we ask for!

Why that is?

Well, we buy large amounts of quality products, which allows us to get a quantity discount. We pass this discount on to you.

In enclosed letters we explain how you can best use each product. 

The workout products in this package alone are worth 800 CHF.

And that doesn’t even include the workout videos, recipes, challenges, supplements etc. 

Nobody’s forcing you.

We’ll try to force you, since interruptions are not ideal. But in the end, it’s your decision whether you complete the program within 6 weeks or not.

The question is – do you or don’t you want to habitually live a healthy lifestyle?




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