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Templeshape GmbH

Workshop: The Gut Reset + Yoga

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Yoga class + nutrition workshop + healthy Tapas style dinner

11 January 2023
6:30 PM

Templeshape Studio
Manessestrasse 120, 8045 Zürich 

Did you know that roughly 70% of your immune system is housed in your gut?
Or that your gut is responsile for 90% of serotonin production?

That makes resturing gut health pivotal for our immunity and mental health.

Let the nutrition coach Natascha Bantel also known as healthynate teach (and make you taste) how you can influence every aspect of your health - including your mood - by choosing the right foods.

More and more studies show that the regular practice of yoga has a positive impact not only on your mental but also your physical health.

For example, inflammation markers are lowered, sleep quality seems to improve, and the immune system benefits enormously. One study found the same benefits of regular yoga practice as a low-FODMAP diet in patients with irritable bowel syndrome.

Therefore we will start our event with a session of Vinyasa Yoga led by Mira.

The class will be adaptable for every skill level.

Learn how your gut influences almost everything in your life.

Workshop Schedule

This is what your evening will look like:

6:30 PM: Yoga with Mira

Start with a nice 60-minute yoga flow. There is a shower available if you want to shower afterwards.

7:30 PM: Input incl. Tapas

Natascha will share her input and you'll get to taste yummy examples in a Tapas style dinner during her talk.

8:30 PM: Q&A

This is your chance to ask any questions.