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Fitness class + sports nutrition workshop + healthy dinner

02 March 2023
6 PM

Templeshape Studio
Manessestrasse 120, 8045 Zürich 

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the diet and exercise do's and don'ts out there?
Would you like to learn how to get the most out of your energy input?

Then let betteryou teach you how to reduce stress AND improve your quality of life and performance in everyday life and sports by adapting your diet to your lifestyle.

A fun group workout (adaptable for every fitness level) will be the kick off to this event.
Afterwards you will enjoy an interesting input and Q&A with a betteryou coach before we will enjoy a tasty and nutritous dinner together - directly implementing what we've learned throughout the workshop!

Learn from experts how to adapt your diet to your lifestyle.

Workshop Schedule

This is what your evening will look like:

6:00 PM: Fitness with Dani

Start with a nice Bootcamp hosted by Dani. There is a shower available if you want to shower afterwards.

7:00 PM: Input from betteryou

A betteryou expert will share their definite input about what a healthy diet looks like for people who work out. 

8:00 PM: Q&A + dinner

This is your chance to ask any questions - and to taste some yummy, healthy food