About Templeshape

Your body & mind form your temple.


We take away the hours of reading specialized magazines and teach you the quint essence in an easily understandable way.


With Templeshape you don’t have to fight the everyday struggle alone – we connect you with other Templeshapers who are on the same path.


In a playful way to long-term success: We show you how to re-educate your inner couch potato permanently and even make it your friend.

Start my healthy life now

About Dani

Dani is a full-time teacher in Zurich.

The trained cross-fit trainer also loves adventurous travel and enjoys surfing for life. For her, cooking and celebrating good food are part of a wonderful day. 

When she’s not surfing, Dani enjoys other sports such as tennis and football. 

On top of that, the power woman runs her very own boot camp every Tuesday and Saturday. 

Basically she is the embodiment of a healthy lifestyle!

“In essence, Templeshape is about learning how to live a sustainable healthy life – including everything that goes with it.

That means a healthy social environment, physical fitness, mental health, good nutrition and much more! 

For me, Templeshape is not about making an Adonia or an Adonis out of you.

That’s more a side effect of a healthy lifestyle.

Start my healthy life now

I was really afraid that I’d just purchased a horror program, but in the end it was super easy to implement everything!
In 9 out of 10 cases the products are of top quality and I still use them regularly!
It’s unbelievable how much knowledge you get taught bit by bit.
The structure behind the program makes it so effortless to implement everything.
The products in the boxes alone are worth more than the money you pay.
Dani’s letters motivate me every day and let me get the best out of myself!