It's all games and fun.

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Make your workout routine easy by turning it into a game.

How the Game Works.

Step 1: Join the community
and train with others

Once you purchased your membership, you will be provided with a login to our platform as well as access to our private Facebook group.

In your personal dashboard, you'll see an "activities" tab – this is where you collect points by performing healthy activities.

On the other side, there is also a "rewards" tab – this is where you can check what rewards are available to you (depending on the amount of points you have in your account).

Step 2: Start collecting points
by beginning your new routine

Once you're a member, you can start collecting points right away by performing various activities. We split your activities into 3 pillars:

1) Doing the weekly workouts and other small tasks. This builds your routine.

2) Taking part in monthly fitness and social challenges. This keeps it interesting.

3) Competing against others to win the reward of the month. This pushes you. 

Step 3: Participate in challenges
to earn even more points

Aside from your weekly routine, we will come up with fresh and exciting challenges of the month.

Examples are to end up in the top 3 of the monthly point-leaderboard, making someone join you for your workout, or completing special workouts where you have to beat a certain time before the end of the month to get your points.

New month, new extra challenges.

Step 4: Get rewards
by using your points

At the end of every month, it's time to collect the fruit of your doing. Your points for completing activities will be in your account and you can go check out the "rewards" tab to see what kind of rewards you can exchange for points.

Rewards will constantly be updated and include:

- community badges
- products
- making it into the newsletter

See something you want, but don't have enough points?

Well – your points accumulate, so you only have to complete more activities to get your hands on it!