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Alex Hammer Handstand Workshop

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Don't miss out on this one! Join this unique workshop to get your handstand journey started or to a next level.

A few words from our teacher, Alex:
I am very happy to come to practice with you. Our topic will be the handstand and I will show you how I approach this delicate skill. Let me give you an idea of how our workshop will look like right away. We could divide it in three main parts.

  1. Learning how to fall
    To ensure a safe practice and to break down mental barriers.
  2. Playing around with movements and drills in more accessible inversions like shoulderstand, headstand and forearmstand to develop the ability to be comfortable upside down.
  3. Strength & flexibility work.
    To open up further possibilities and to make the handstand itself second nature.

Alex has been practicing Yoga for about eight years an did his training in Rishikesh, India in 2017. His favourite Yoga style is Vinyasa but he also works with contortion to iron out weak points and to make his body strong and flexible for a sustainable practice. 

Instagram: @alexx_hammer

This workshop is a perfect opportunity to learn some new drills and get helpful feedback - no matter where you are in your handstand journey. 
Beginner & Intermediate friendly! 

Keen but have some doubts?
Shoot a text to Mira: +41793391959