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Templeshape GmbH

4x Lucu Sticks: activated carbon water filter made of bamboo

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Say goodbye to boring tap water and hello to the world of natural filtering and sophistication.

Lucu Sticks are loose activated carbon water filter sticks made from bamboo wood.

We're talking about the very bamboo wood that grows up to 1 meter a day!

So you don't have to worry about sustainability at all: Bamboo is the undisputed sustainability champion - especially when you compare it to wood like Binchotan.

Lucu water filter sticks are also not to be trifled with when it comes to filtering water. They are like little superheroes, using the power of activated charcoal to remove all impurities and harmful chemicals from the water.

And you not only save a lot of money compared to other water filters, but also give your home a whole bit of elegance! Seriously, your kitchen will look so fancy that people will wonder if you also have a private butler hidden somewhere in the house.

Lucu Sticks are the sustainable and stylish way to upgrade your water at home.

Each package contains 4 sticks, which together easily filter 2 liters of water and make the taste significantly softer.

We recommend replacing the sticks every 3 months. Detailed instructions for use can be found on the back of the packaging.