About Templeshape.

An online community that turns fitness into a game.

Your body is a temple.

Meet Dani,
The Founder of Templeshape.

Dani is a certified cross-fit trainer also loves adventurous travel and enjoys surfing for life. For her, cooking and celebrating good food are part of a wonderful day. 

When she’s not surfing, Dani enjoys other sports such as tennis and football. 

On top of that, the power woman runs her very own bootcamp class every Tuesday and Saturday. 

Basically she is the embodiment of a healthy lifestyle!

“In essence, Templeshape is about learning how to live an overall healthy life – including everything that goes with it.

That means a healthy social environment, physical fitness, mental health, good nutrition and much more! 

For me, Templeshape is not about making an Adonia or an Adonis out of you.

That’s more of a side effect.